Stone Block Cutting Machine

A large number of stone materials need to be used in construction projects. These stone materials will be put on market after cutting, polishing and other processing steps. There are many kinds of machine for stone processing, some for cutting and some for polishing. Today we are going to talk about stone block cutting machine, it’s a kind of machine for cutting marble and granite block materials. We know we get block materials from quarry through the help of stone mining machine. After this step, we will need a block cutting machine to cut these block materials into slabs. Nowadays, the regular block cutter machine is single beam block cutting machine which is a old design. Due to it’s single beam  design, the machine body will shaking when cutting block. In this case, the cutting will not very precision because of machine shaking and the cutting efficiency is not very high. In order to avoid above mentioned drawback of the old design block machine,


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