Application of stone machines

Monoblock bridge saw machine

Stone machine is some kinds of machinery,tools and equipment which used to exploration,mining,processing,maintain,detecting,declaration and design on natural stone marble,granite and artificial stone.
Stone machine takes a very important role in stone processing industry,especially in modern stone industry.Bridge Saw Machine is one of the most important machine in stone machine.The most important factors to see a country’s stone industrial level is how they use stone machine and what kinds of bridge saw machine they are using. Or we can say,from the machine’s popularity rate and machine standard we an see if the country already enter into stone industrial processing with big machines and continue processing or not. Normally we can call it the real industrialization when the mechanization are used in all steps of stone processing.In some meanings,the stone’s industrialization also means the stone’s modernization. Stone mechanization can greatly help to increase stone production efficiency,saving resource and increase stone quality during the stone processing,the mechanization can also continuously help to develop new stone products to meet the market,protect workers safety,environmental and reusing resources.According to leading stone processing country-Italy’s report in 2013,the production efficiency of quarry blocks in Italy is 800-1000 cbm per people per year,but this value in China is only 150-200 cbm per people per year.This is related to the stone machines application.About slab processing,an automatic production line takes only 3-5 workers,but the annual output is more than hundreds of thousand square meters,this is unbelievable in past time.Owing to advanced processing equipment, they can easily make high quality stone products such as ultra-thin, ultra-size and abnormal shape. Due to the mechanization and automatization on stone processing,it gives more colorful stone products and options for stone decoration and push greatly on stone application and popularity.

While the biggest contribution of stone machine application is historic change the traditional and antiquated architecture stone and instruction stone to be a decoration stone materials. Today,the main application of stone is no longer architecture foundation and structure material in past time,but more as decoration materials of building.This kind of changing is credited with stone machine application and popularity.Without stone machine,it is impossible to own colorful stone products with various grains,full performance of texture and rhythm are also impossible.

Basis on authority world stone media such as <<World Stone>> Magazine,USA, <Stone> Magazine in China and <2013 STONE> yearbook of Italy stone design.stone has become the second hard decoration material next to Ceramic.Until 2013,the annual output of standard slab already reach 2.5 billion sqm with creation of total value 350 billion usd of stone and stone related industry.All these are credited with stone machine.Due to the development and market requirement of stone machine,the average annual increase of stone decoration would be 6%,it is much more higher than the world economic increasing.Bridge Saw Machine.

Monoblock bridge saw machine
Monoblock bridge saw machine

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