Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

Performa of kerbstone cutting machine

In our daily life we could see there are many kerbstone or curbstone around us. The kerbstone is normally installed at the edge of the road,to protect walker and cars from get over of the roads.So it’s import that we have a machine to cutting and slicing kerbstone into stipulated size.This equipment proves most effective when used together with stone edge cutting machine. Technical data for long stone cutting: max. diameter of blade-1200mm; max. number of blades used-12pcs. max. Cutting height-450mm.(1.6m blade with 600mm cutting height). we used Cast iron on this kerbstone cutting machine is more stable with less chance of vibration under the operating condition.The machine operates automatically through the main control unit consisting of frequency converter, transformer, AC contactor and time relay devices, which can more effectively control vertical movement of oil cylinder, trolley operation and slab cutting efficiency.Unlike traditional stone cutting machine, it dramatically increases the productivity and reduce labor cost and power consumption.

Introduce of kerbstone cutting machine

Curbstone refers to the boundary stone used for edge of road surface by block shaped objects poured with stone or concrete. Curbstone is also known as calculus or kerbstone. Curbstone is boundary line that distinguishes roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation belt and other parts of road on road surface, which plays a role in ensuring traffic safety of pedestrians and vehicles and neat edge of road surface. The current curbstones are all piled up in long strips. These curbstones are all cut by rectangular shaped stones. In the process of cutting, large stones need to be cut into smaller size first, and then further processed into curbstones. In the process of first step cutting, there is unstable positioning, and it is difficult to unload the kerbstone materials after first step cutting. In addition, due to the large volume and weight of stones, mechanical handling equipment is needed. Most of existing mechanical handling equipment is similar to brick clamp, which clamps side wall of stones, and there is a risk of stones sliding and falling off.

Features of kerbstone cutting machine

Curbstone cutter machine has two columns, upper end of the two columns has a top beam, and lifting transmission mechanism installed on top beam is installed together with screw transmission mechanism on the two columns, The spindle box vertical plate installed in front of the column on one side is connected with screw driving mechanism on the column, the front vertical plate installed in front of the column on the other side is connected with the screw driving mechanism on the column, and the main motor is fixed on the spindle box vertical plate through the main motor bracket, The pulley on the main motor shaft is connected with another pulley on one end of the main shaft through a belt, the other end of the main shaft is installed in the main shaft support seat on the front vertical plate, and a plurality of saw blades are installed on the main shaft. This kind of cutting machine can process many curbstones at the same time, with high efficiency, reasonable structure and low cost.

kerbstone cutting machine Details

Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

Cutting Machine for Kerbs

Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

kerbstone cutter machine

Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

kerbstone cutting slicing machine

Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

kerbstone slicing cutting machine

Cutting Machine for Kerbstone

Slicing Machine for paving stone

kerbstone cutting machine Specifications

Item NameUnitValue
Dimension (mm)mm6000*2800*2500
Max. diameter of blade (mm)mm1200 or customized
Max. number of blades used (pcs)pieces12
Max. cutting size (mm)mm3000*1700*450
Workbench size (mm)mm2500*1800
Weight (t)ton10
Max. cutting depth (mm)mm450
Main motor power (kw)kw55

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