Multi-Blades Block Cutter

Multi-blade block cutter is specialized for cutting block with latest design and best technology. Used hydraulic devices to make machine working more powerful and highly-efficiency. Hydraulic block cutter machine is a combination of multiple blades and feeds at the same time. Machine adopts a suspension structure. The main machine saw blade rotates, feeds, retreats and the overall horizontal movement of the trolley are controlled by electric control box, with high automation. Multi blade block cutter machine has precise cutting and stable performance. It is used for cutting marble granite, sandstone and other stone blocks. It can cut block into slabs with different thicknesses and stone products of various specifications. At present, there are four hydraulic guide pillars with 12 pieces of saw blades, five hydraulic guide pillars of multi blades such as 14 pieces, 16 pieces, 18 pieces, 22 pieces of saw blade and so on. According to various kinds of stone materials, hardness of materials and so on, several kinds of improved block cutter have been developed.


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