Quarry Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Machine is mainly used for quarry exploitation for marble granite and slate materials, it’s a very popular and advanced equipment for quarry cutting in the world. Diamond wire saw machine can operate to cut quarry materials in different ways such as horizontal cutting,vertical cutting and tilting.It’s good for environment and worker security.There are two types of diamond wire saw machine for different stone materials,they are marble wire saw machine and granite wire saw machine.The main differences between these two machines are wire saw materials and machine settings & parameters. Features of diamond wire saw machine are as follows:

  • Full automatic running,easy operation,suitable for both marble and granite materials,high cutting efficiency,low material consumption and waste,long life cutting
  • Diamond Wire Saw machine designed with PLC program to make sure machine working in best performance and stable cutting.It can cut 0-360 degree in different directions such as horizontal,vertical and tilting.
  • We can set different cutting speed for different stone materials.Also we can make different parameter settings as our request.
  • Under the help of plastic wheels,diamond wire saw machine can do many types of difficult cutting.
  • Machine is fully automatic,so one worker can manage two or three machines.In this case,we can have a lower labor cost and high output.
  • Diamond wire saw machine can working together with other quarry machine such as chain saw machine,drill machine etc.
  • Machine design with a light weight and easy moving,small size,intelligence control system.

There are many diamond wire saw machine manufacturers all over the world.Best quality of wire saw machine comes from Italy,they have excellent design and top quality raw materials and technology to make the machine.During the usage of diamond wire saw machine,we also need some tools such as wire saw,plastic guides wheels etc.We need to choose different tools and make different machine settings for different stone materials. We have rubber type and spring type wire saw and we have horizontal type and vertical type guide wheels.

Diamond Wire Saw Machine
Diamond Wire Saw Machine

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