Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Define of diamond wire saw machine:

A diamond wire saw cutting machine is mainly used for blocks exploring, block shaping and breaking on marble granite and slate stone mining. This machine can do well quarry mining in various directions like horizontal,vertical and tilting and any degree cutting. With this advanced wire saw cutting machine,we can protect the quarry resources, reuse the block mining, protect people safety and increase production capacity. Besides, this diamond wire saw cutting machine can also applied on stone profiling cut, Cultural relics disassembling, moving of city buildings and bridge. It is a very useful equipment on the city remodel. According to the differences of stone materials, there are two types of diamond wire saw cutting machine: Marble wire saw mining machine and granite diamond wire saw mining machine. The main differences between this two machine are the diamond wire and other specifications.

Features of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Currently our wire saw mining machine has fully automatic cutting control function, easy operation, can be applied to various stone varieties, high cutting efficiency, good quality of block material, less resource loss, and low comprehensive mining cost and many other features. With this wire saw cutting machine, we can cut the quarry very quickly and safety and protection environment. It can cut big size block material from quarry without any damage on the block materials. Compare with other quarry mining machine, this diamond wire saw cutting machine is lower cost and higher efficiency, safety for worker and good for environment. Machine is easy to use and maintain. This machine can works with marble chain saw cutting machine, drilling machine and other kinds of quarry mining machine to meet complicated quarries. The cutting speed of this diamond wire saw mining machine can be adjust and the cutting angle and also be adjust from 0°to 360°.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Overview of Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Side View of Diamond Wire Saw Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Granite Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Marble Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Classification of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Diamond wire saw machine can be sorted in different types by cutting power and cutting objects and cutting size.

  1. Small size diamond wire saw machine

    is suitable for cutting small size materials on a marble quarry. This machine is mainly used for the block shaping, house building moving and Cultural relics Feature of this small size wire saw cutting machine is power of main motor is more than 20hp, high running torque motor with 28m/s cutting speed. The tension of wire saw is automatic control and stable when cutting.

  2. Middle size diamond wire saw cutting machine

    is suitable for cutting big size marble quarries. The flywheels of this machine can be adjust in any degree cutting, very simple to set the cutting angle in quarry, it can cut two different parallel surfaces without moving machine, max distance between two parallels is 1900mm. We can set the machine as manual and automatic cutting models, the diamond wire saw is always constant when cutting. The smaller power of wire saw has a stronger horse power. It’s automatic running model during the cutting.

  3. Big size diamond wire saw machine

    for cutting on granite quarry mountain. Similar with stone polishing machine, this kind of machine is suitable for mining big size granite materials. Main motor of the machine is bigger than above two machines, normally 50 plus horse power and wire saw cutting speed is double speed 17/25m/s. The flywheel can set a 360 angle rotation cutting. Same as middle size diamond wire saw machine, this machine can work on both manual and automatic cutting model.

  4. General use diamond wire saw cutting machine

    which is suitable for mining on both marble and granite quarry mountains. It has a stronger machine body and a more powerful motor and bigger flywheels to meet almost all cutting mining request. The old quarry mining machine has been replace with this diamond wire saw cutting machine due to it’s advance design and high cutting efficiency.

Basic structure and functions of diamond wire saw cutting machine

There are four basic cutting functions of diamond wire saw machine

Horizontal cutting

Vertical cutting

Sleep type cutting

Blind cutting

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Horizontal and vertical cutting of diamond wire saw machine

Control system of diamond wire saw cutting machine

Control system of diamond wire saw machine mainly contains driving part, guide part, moving part and protect system. The driving part is control the cutting motor, coupling and spindle wheel. Make sure machine can braking immediately under emergency situation, this can keep workers safety and longer lifetime of diamond wire saw. There are  two sets of rubber guide wheels on the machine, with this two guide wheels, we can adjust the cutting direction. The driving control panel can be remove from the machine to suitable for different cutting parameters.

The guiding function part is mainly includes counter rotating frame, driving motor, reducer etc. Function of this guiding part is to keep rotation and positioning of driving function. In this case, the diamond wire saw machine can stable working on any angles and surfaces.

Moving system includes the control of motor, Pin gear drive, double chain drive and guide rail. Protect part is to protect various kinds of driving system, motor system and electrical system. The electric idle lock device ensures that when diamond wire saw is cutting, the electric motor of the angle mechanism cannot be powered to prevent accidents.

Classifications of diamond wire cutting saw

If we sort diamond wire saw by Power mechanism, we can sort the diamond wire saw as hydraulic diamond wire saw, electric diamond wire saw and Internal combustion engine type diamond wire saw. The hydraulic type diamond wire saw is A motor drives the hydraulic pump station to drive a low-speed high torque motor which is coaxially connected with the driving sheave. The hydraulic motor drives the driving sheave to rotate. This is the first generator design of diamond cutting wire and it had been replace with electric diamond wire saw because of it’s low cutting efficiency, complicated operation, hard maintain and high cutting cost. At present, the electric diamond wire saw is the most widely used one. It is directly driven by a motor to rotate the driving sheave. The motor and the driving sheave are coaxially connected by the coupling or by a set of spiral bevel gears. The driving sheave of the internal combustion diamond wire saw is driven by a diesel engine through a torque converter, which can be used for gradual starting of the driving sheave. The tension of the wire saw can be adjusted automatically. In case of any accident during cutting, the wire saw can stop automatically. This type of machine is mainly designed for mines without electricity. It is generally used to cut hard stone. In addition to marble mines without electricity, it is mostly used in granite.

There are hydraulic driving diamond wire saw, balance diamond wire saw and mechanical drive wire saw if we sort the wire saw by moving structure. Nowadays, more and more quarry owners are using mechanical drive wire saw because of it’s easy operation and low cost, only a few people use hydraulic diamond wire saw and balance wire cutting saw.

It’s mainly equipped with a DC speed regulating motor on the wire saw for stone mining, which drives the gear through the reducer, and the gear and the rack on the guide rail form a transmission system. By changing the speed of the DC motor, we can control the cutting speed of the machine on the guide rail. This is also a transmission mode commonly used by diamond wire cutting saw at present

Specifications of diamond wire saw

The best quality diamond wire saw are made in Italy, and there are also many factories in China who can make the wire cutting saw. Below is a specification of diamond wire cutting saw.

Diameter(mm)ApplicationsCoatingBead/mCutting Speed(m2/h)Life(m2/m)
Φ11.5/Φ10.5Reinforced concreterubber+spring400.5-50.5-8
Φ11.5/Φ11.0Granite mine/quarryrubber/rubber+spring402-127-22
Φ11.5/Φ11.0/Φ10.5Marble mine/quarryspring/spring+plastic28-404-2015-50
Φ11.0/10.5Granite & marble blockplastic/rubber37/406-307-50
Φ8.8/Φ8.5Granite&marble profilingplastic/rubber33/37/407-307-40
Φ7.2/Φ8.5Granite slabplastic370.5-1.66-15

Support tools of diamond wire saw cutting machine

There are some necessary supporting tools, equipment and spare parts working with diamond wire saw cutting machine, these tools are not the main machine but they are essential. These tools and spare parts are vertical guide wheels, horizontal guide wheels, hydraulic tighten tool, water faucet, water tan and water pump. Nowadays there is a new design diamond wire saw machine which don’t need cooling water, the cutting rotation of this machine is clockwise but not counter clockwise. A quarry dust collector device is installed on this machine to saving the dust during machine cutting. This machine is widely used on the quarry which is no water.

Introduce of guide wheels on diamond wire saw cutting machine

Vertical guide wheel

is a vertical sharp groove wheel installed on the return line of the diamond wire saw machine and the stone ore body. Its function is to use the vertical guide wheel to adjust and control the wrap angle of the diamond wire saw cutting machine on the driving wire wheel during the cutting process, so as to prevent the long wire saw from colliding with each other during the cutting.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

diamond wire saw machine flywheels

Horizontal guide wheel

is a sharp groove wheel installed in the horizontal direction of the front end of the diamond wire saw cutting machine. Its function is to control the planeness of the diamond wire saw when cutting horizontally and to be parallel to the direction of the guide rail. There are two types of horizontal guide wheels, one is installed in the front of diamond wire saw and the other is installed in the lower part of the ore body to be mined.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Flywheels guide and rubber rings

Hydraulic clamp

is a special tool used to connect diamond wire saw and the diamond rope after the joint passes through the sawing hole, or to press the fixed ring when repairing the diamond beads. There are two types of hydraulic clamp: electric hydraulic type and manual hydraulic type. The electro-hydraulic tightener has a large pressing force, generally up to 10t or more; the pressing joint is firmly connected; the whole tightener is concentrated on one working table, which is the necessary equipment for large stone mines and industrial production of diamond wire saw. In addition, similar manual hydraulic tightener is not as complete as electric hydraulic tightener in function, but it is widely used in quarry mining at present.

Caliper is a small tool used to connect diamond wire rope with copper tube as connection joint. Its structure is like a pair of pliers. As long as the cutting edge is changed into three cylindrical "dies" with different diameters at the cutting edge, each time when threading the diamond wire saw, only the steel wire saw needs to be cut off, the copper tube needs to be connected again and compressed to complete the connection of diamond bead rope. When using the "die", only three times of connection should be compressed in the order of "die" from large to small. This kind of caliper is only suitable for diamond wire cutting bead rope with copper tube as connector,. As a result, other connection methods still need to use manual or electro-hydraulic clamps.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine

Diamond wire saw machine Hyaraulic Clamp

Water Supply System

It is very necessary to have sufficient, good and stable water supply system to use diamond wire saw cutting machine in mines. The water requirement is clear water. The water supply system generally includes: water storage tank (or water storage tank), water pump, water pipe, nozzle and valve, etc.

(1) Water storage tank for diamond wire saw machine

Water storage tanks or pools used in marble and granite quarries can be made into cylinders or rectangles according to different conditions, and also made of fiberglass and large plastic buckets. Generally, it is placed on a platform which is relatively stable and easy to access higher than the construction surface. Its volume can be

Depending on the number of diamond wire cutting saws used, it should not be too large or too small. It should be between 10 and 30m3. It is also OK to use multiple small volume combinations, but pay attention to the smooth and timely water supply between connecting pipes.

(2) Water pump for diamond wire saw machine

When diamond wire saw is used in marble and granite mines, the cooling water needs a certain pressure. It is not enough to rely on the high differential pressure of the water in the water storage tank alone, especially when some wire cutting saw with larger linear speed needs a certain pressure of water for cutting, so a small water pump shall be installed at the upper end (outlet pipe) of each bead wire saw water supply pipe. The motor power is between 1.5 ~ 2.5kW, and the water output is 4 ~ 8m3 / h. The size of water pump shall be such that there is always water in the cutting groove when cutting, and the stone powder and stone chips can be discharged normally. Too much power or flow is unnecessary. It is better to choose a water pipe which is small size and easy to move.

(3) Water inlet and outlet pipes for diamond wire saw machine

The water inlet pipe refers to the groove from the water source to the water storage tank and the water outlet pipe refers to the groove from the water storage tank to the string saw. Steel pipe or cast iron pipe shall be selected for the water inlet pipe to be installed in a fixed way, and its thickness shall be determined by the water supply quantity, usually 3-5in; Lin cotton thread woven rubber pipe shall be used for the water outlet pipe to prevent the broken water pipe from being cut by the mine gravel.

(4) nozzle for diamond wire saw machine

The water spray nozzle shall be connected at the water outlet to improve the outlet speed and pressure. The water spray nozzle shall be tapered and closed, and the tail of the water spray nozzle shall be made with inverted thread to firmly connect with the rubber hose.

Diamond Wire Saw and Diamond Beads

Diamond wire saw, also known as wire cutting saw or diamond saw wire. Diamond hollow abacus beads (hot pressed, electroplated, whole hot pressed), spacer buffer (spring, injection molding spacer) and positioning parts are put on the base wire saw made of multi-strand fine steel wire.

The utility model relates to a ring formed by a fixed ring and a washer, and a flexible sawing tool specially used for matching a diamond wire saw. Its purpose is: the diamond string rope is a cutting tool specially used for matching the diamond string saw. It can be used for the exploitation, disintegration, engineering demolition, and shaping of marble and granite waste materials in combination with the rope saw. It is a necessary supporting tool for the rope saw of the modern stone mining equipment, which has been vigorously developed in recent years. It is also a flexible cutting tool.

Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


Diamond Wire Saw Cutting Machine


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