Diamond Wire Saw Mining Machine

Wire Saw Machine for Quarry
Wire Saw Machine for Quarry
Wire Saw Machine for Quarry

Diamond wire saw stone mining machine is mainly used for cutting and decomposition of stone materials in stone mining face. Advanced features of this machine is it can wire saw mining equipment for horizontal, vertical and cutting in stone mines in the world. At the same time, the equipment can be used for demolition and separation of urban buildings, bridges and other buildings.This machine has the following features:

1. The mining machine is manufactured with the most advanced technology in the world. It is suitable for the separation and demolition of granite, marble, blue stone, limestone and other mines, as well as large bridges and high-rise buildings.

2. Our wire saw mining machine adopts advanced automatic frequency conversion device, automatic cutting control, fast cutting speed, safe and simple operation, (main electronic control system guarantee period of 3 years, life-long maintenance).

3. Most of our wire saw mining machines are equipped with computer program device to ensure that the driving motor keeps constant tension.

4. We can set the wire saw cutting direction according to the need of cutting, 360 degree rotary wire cutting device can be used to complete the horizontal, vertical and inclined three kinds of operation technology purposes.

5. Use the hand-driven positioning device to realize the fine-tuning requirement of separation cutting positioning.

6. The wire saw cutting machine can adopt different linear speeds according to different stone characteristics.

7. Small size, light weight, flexible and portable movement, reasonable appearance design, beautiful and practical.

8. The steering system of guide wheel can complete the difficult cutting work in complex natural environment.

9. The machine can be operated by two or more machines, and the operation efficiency is greatly improved compared with the traditional mining technology.

10. The use of this wire saw mining machine has a very low loss of resources. The output rate of raw materials can be increased by more than 50% compared with that of traditional technology. The comprehensive mining cost can be greatly reduced and the profit margin can be significantly expanded.

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