Plastic Diamond Wire Saw

Regular inspections of plastic diamond wire self rotation and make adjustment in time.
2.  Regular inspections of plastic diamond wire abrasive to avoid cut-in-one-side problem happen. Once it happens, make the solution straight way.
3.  Regular inspections the joint, as well as the beads of two sides, if they are abrasive badly, replaces them in time.
4.  The cable tension of the stationary machines should be controlled within 250-300kg(φ 4-5mmcables).
5.  Linear speed is changed according to the different hardness of stones.
Class 1-2 granite: 28-30m/s
Class 3-4 granite: 26-28m/s
Class 5 granite: 24-28m/s
Marble: 30-40m/s
Abrasive stone: 30-35m/s

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