Bridge Saw Machine

bridge saw machine

Bridge saw machine is also named bridge cutting machine, bridge cutter machine. This machine is used to cutting slab into small pieces with full automatic for materials such asmarble, granite and other stones. As a professional manufacturer of bridge saw machine, here we give some introductions about this machine.

1. Saw Blade size & diameter of bridge saw machine.

There are many diameter of blade such as 400mm, 600mm, 625mm, 800mm, 1000mm etc. Below we give a form to show you the max cutting thickness of each blade.

Blade diameterMax cutting size (L*W*H)

Bridge Saw Machine Cutting Blade
Bridge Saw Machine Cutting Blade

2. Normal function and multi-functions bridge saw machine.

According to customer’s requirements, we have different kinds of bridge cutter to meet their standard. A normal stone cutting machine is for straight cutting only while a multi-function bridge saw is doing straight cutting, 45 degree tilt cutting, 90 degree rotation cutting and profiling cutting. Below two photos are normal and multi-functions bridge cutting machine we have.

Bridge Saw Cutter Machine
Bridge Saw Cutter Machine

Marble Cutting Mchine

3. Bridge saw machine table.

A table is use to load and unload stone material while machine is working. In China, all tables are designed to be 85 degree stand up and down to load and unload slab. Besides, we can also make table rotation horizontal in different such as 45°,90°,180°and 360°. All of these actions are full automatic.

Marble Cutting Machine Table
Marble Cutting Machine Table
Bridge Saw Machine Table
Bridge Saw Machine Table

4.CNC bridge saw machine

CNC bridge cutting machine can do all jobs of both normal and multi-function bridge saw machine and also it have some functions which other machines can’t replace. There is a computer on CNC machine. You can design a CAD drawing and upload this draw into this computer. Machine will working automatic when it receive you order. Our cnc bridge saw machine can also cutting full round for counter top products. Here we show you some photos which is cutting by this machine.

5 axis CNC bridge saw machine
5 axis CNC bridge saw machine

5. Price of bridge saw machine

In China, there are many stone bridge saw machine factories and each factory have different quality standard. Since different factory own a different design engineer, different steel materials, different electronic part sourcing and different manufacturing steps,so quality of bridge saw machine is big difference. Normally, the price of regular bridge saw machine range from 13000USD to 25000USD FOB China port. Some CNC bridge saw machine price would be higher than regular machine, say about 37000USD or even higher. Before you purchase a bridge saw machine, what you need to confirm is how much budget and what quality level you can prefer. What I am going to say is different price different quality.

Slab Cutting Machine
Slab Cutting Machine

6.How to loading bridge saw machine

We have been doing machine exporting business for more than 13 years and know well on how to make loading of bridge saw machine. Normally it takes one 20gp container to loading a full set of bridge cutting machine. We need one or two people to finish all steps of loading work.Before we start the loading,we well disassembling the whole bridge saw machine into some parts such as main bridge part,side beam part,bridge saw machine table,electric control panel and other spare parts.And we use a forklift car to loading all these parts into container. After that we will tighten all these parts with ears inside the container to avoid damage of machine during the shipping and transportation.

Bridge Saw For Sale Loading
Bridge Saw For Sale Loading

7.How to install a bridge saw machine

We are a professional manufacturer of bridge saw machine,we provide full steps from A to Z on that machine.We will send users manual and installation guide book to our client after they receive the machine.Inside the installation book,you will find all details such as bridge saw machine electric drawing and cement wall foundation and all setting details.Of course we can send technical to client factory to do the installation with all cost to be paid by customer like air tickets,hotel,food and 100 USD salary per day per person.

8. Structure of bridge saw machine

  1. There are many types and designs of bridge saw machine. But the structures for all bridge saw machine are not big different. Below is a list of some important parts for bridge saw machine.
  2. Cross beam on bridge saw machine also called side beam or bridge part, it’s the main part on bridge saw machine. There is a pair of synchronous pinion and gear moving forward and backward (Y-axis) on the oil immersed guide rail of side beam, the frequency converter and encoder control movement of the  cross beam to accurately cutting slabs. The gears on the cross beam maybe different on different bridge saw machine, some are designed with regular gear and some are designs with linear guide rail. Some customers say regular gear is better while some prefer to use linear guide rail. But we can meet your request no matter what kind of design you like.
  3. Bladeholder: it moves left and right (x-axis) on the oil immersed guide rail of side beam through pinion and rack. The speed regulating switch on control panel of bridge saw machine can adjust cutting speed. It can move up and down (Z-axis) through vertical hydraulic drive, and can cut slabs layer by layer automatically.
  4. Main motor: The belt on mail motor drives the main shaft to provide power for slab cutting. This motor can protect bridge saw machine from power overload, ensure the motor overload withstand 1-3 times of current impact in a short period of time, or even greater overload requirements for bridge saw machine, and make a significant improvement in dust-proof and waterproof, and can also be designed and produced according to requirements of different voltages and frequencies of customers. At present, there are well-known stone cutting machine manufacturers supporting the use of good response.
  5. Side beamis fixed on reinforced concrete foundation or steel frame legs of bridge saw machine, customers can choose to buy steel frame legs or cement wall from manufacturers or build the concrete wall by themself. the dust-proof and waterproof oil immersed guide rail on bridge saw machine cooperates with the beam movement.
  6. Main electric cabinet or control panel: the main electric cabinet is equipped with various electrical equipment for control equipment. The control panel provides users with buttons, switches and text screens for data input and equipment working status of various control equipment.
    MosCut Bridge Saw Machine
    MosCut Bridge Saw Machine

9. Bridge saw machine Maintain

The bridge saw machine is always continues working for long hours. So it’s important for us to know some basic errors during the machine is cutting. Here is a list for regular errors during bridge saw machine working. If we can fix these basic errors by our-self, we can save time on waiting the machine repairman.

Main reasons for mechanical failure are: the parallelism of left and right guide rails is out of tolerance; the left and right guide rails on bridge saw machine are not at same level; Straightness of one or both guide rails is out of tolerance; meshing clearance of walking gears on both sides is inconsistent or severely worn; Rolling straight rails are damaged; guide rails are distorted and deformed due to foundation settlement; Slabs are not placed stably on the worktable, and format has displacement.

To solve inaccuracy of slab width difference caused by mechanical failure, first measure: the measurement value of levelness error of guide rail beam shall be ≤ 0.06/1000; Meshing clearance between walking gear and guide rail beam rack shall be 0.05-0.10 mm; Parallelism of guide rail beam on both sides shall be 0.50 mm. Any out of tolerance shall be adjusted and repaired.

The main causes of electrical failure are: longitudinal traveling frequency converter is damaged; magnetic ruler and probe components are damaged or distance between them is too large, magnetic head is loose; power supply voltage is unstable or low;

For out of tolerance phenomenon of slab size caused by electrical fault, it is necessary to check according to above mentioned reasons, and pay attention to system interference caused by incorrect wiring (no distinction between strong current cable and signal cable) or external power supply. The equipment shall be reliably grounded during installation. The three-phase four wire system should be strictly followed. In order to distinguish mechanical failure from electrical failure, first of all, it is necessary to know in detail whether the out of tolerance position is fixed, or carry out experimental cutting. If there is always out of tolerance in the same area when cutting slabs with different sizes, it is mostly caused by mechanical failure. Due to electrical reasons, size out of tolerance faults are mostly sporadic and irregular.

Bridge Saw Machine Details
Bridge Saw Machine Details

10. Features of bridge saw machine

Bridge saw machine is a popular equipment which is widely used in stone processing factory. The common ways for cutting slab in stone factory are hand cutting, half-automatic cutting and automatic cutting. Though manual cutting is flexible and convenient, the slab quality is lower than automatic cutting, difficult to control size tolerance of slab, the material waste is large, compare with manual cutting machine, it’s easy to protect worker safety and increase cutting efficiency if we use a bridge saw machine to cutting slabs. A Stone profile machine belongs to half-automatic cutting machine, this machine is suitable for cutting and profiling stone materials with good quality, but the cutting speed is much more lower than automatic bridge saw machine. There are many other types of half-automatic cutting machine, most of these machines are design with simple structure and not suitable for mass quantity slab cutting. It’s a good ideal to choose a half-automatic cutting machine if your budge is limited. With the development of modern mechanical industry, people has a higher and higher requirements of work efficiency and product quality on stone cutting machine. Therefore, market potential of bridge saw machine is still great and market prospect is optimistic.

Bridge Saw Machine Electrical Cabinet
Bridge Saw Machine Electrical Cabinet

11. How to cut slabs with bridge saw machine

After we buy a bridge saw machine from manufacturer, we have to learn how to use the machine in short time. Below is some tips that you need to know before you turn on the machine.

    • Before we turn on the bridge saw machine, we need to make sure the machine operator have full understand all information on the process order document. In case of any objection, it shall be put forward immediately, and it can be started and cut after being solved.
    • Check whether the variety and quantity of slab materialstransferred to the bridge sawmachine are consistent with processing sheet. Make detailed records and if there is any objection, it shall be reported and dealt with in a timely manner.
    • Before we cut the slabs, make sure the specification and size shall be checked to see whether it is suitable for the material. It shall be reported to the workshop technologist in time for handlingif there is any misunderstanding. We can turn on the bridge saw machine only after getting a positive reply.
    • During bridge saw machine working, the slabs cutting arrangement shall be reasonable, and each slabshall reach the highest utilization rate, and try best to cut most stone products with the smallest area.
    • In case of color gall, color difference, crack and other defectson slab material, themachine operator shall avoided them without affecting the yield. If there are special requirements of the customer or there are clear provisions on the processing sheet, they shall be handled according to the requirements.
    • If slab arebrittle stone, when the slabis hoisted on the machine table, foot of the machine table must be padded with wood plate to protect the slab. Generally, it is hoisted by one piece, and multiple pieces are not allowed to be hoisted. During cutting process, we can only cut granite one by one and can cut two pieces of marble slabs at the same time.
    • When operating thebridge sawmachine, the machine operator should focus on observation, feed at an economic and effective speed, travel machine accurately, and try to reduce the distance stone material and saw blade. The cutting speed is about 20 for granite and 30 for marble. The cutting operation shall be adjusted according to hardness and thickness of cutting tool and slab material, and strictly prevent occurrence of edge explosion, slab moving and incomplete or incomplete cutting of stone.
      Bridge Saw Machine Packing and loading
      Bridge Saw Machine Packing and loading

12. Error analytic of bridge saw machine

  • Causes of out of control saw blade feeding: this is maybe bridge saw machine oil leakage of oil cylinder, aging of piston oil seal, loose sealing; loose sealing of solenoid valve spool or insufficient closing of spool due to many impurities in the oil, pressure relief. Troubleshooting: first of all, cleaning the solenoid valve spool. If there are more impurities in the hydraulic fluid or foam, replace the hydraulic oil. Then check whether the lifting oil cylinder of the saw blade is leaking oil and the aging of the piston oil seal.
  • When bridge saw machine cutting, the lathe bed is moving slowly and deviates. If it cannot be clamped at the very beginning, the clamping cylinder may be rusted, we could removed, cleaned or replaced it, and then restart the bridge saw machine again; If the bed is clamp at the beginning, and then loosen slowly after some times cutting. The we need to check and clean the solenoid valve core. If the hydraulic oil frothed, frothed and water deteriorated, the obvious performance is that the clamping cylinder automatically unloads the pressure, resulting in the bed moving and cutting deviation, then replace the hydraulic oil.
  • Bridge Saw Machine motor is working but the table is not working. This is maybe the clutch does not work. Troubleshooting: check whether the relay K12 is in good condition. Use a multimeter device to measure between point 147 and point 102 to determine whether the clutch coil and circuit are in good condition. Generally, the problem is clutch coil is disconnected or plug is in poor contact.
  • Machine motor does not run. Fault cause: motor phase loss operation, frequency converter GF1 protection. Troubleshooting: check whether the motor on bridge saw machine is burnt out or missing phase, and whether the motor line is broken phase. If the clamping cylinder can not be loosened, resulting in motor over-current protection, remove the clamping cylinder for cleaning.
  •  When the bed moves, there is abnormal noise or it stops suddenly when it reaches a certain position. The reason is that the bridge saw machine rack in the two oil measuring pools is missing or loose. Troubleshooting: check whether bridge saw machine rack in the two oil measuring pools is broken or loose, replace or fasten it, especially the rack at both ends is easy to loosen. If the gap between the two racks reaches more than one tooth pitch, when the bed moves to this position, there will be a sound and stop immediately. After reset, screw down the locating pin and tighten ten thousand screws of inner door.
    Working principle of bridge saw machine.
    Bridge Saw Machine Side Beam
    Bridge Saw Machine Side Beam

13. Working principle of four pillars bridge saw machine.

Lifting main shaft on bridge saw machine: the carriage is placed on crossbeam, the guide sleeve and hydraulic cylinder are connected with the carriage, the guide column can slide up and down in the guide sleeve, and the upper part is connected with the support plate by bolts. The main motor is installed on support plate. The main shaft lifting system on bridge saw machine is powered by a hydraulic pump, which drives four guide pillars to move up and down through expansion and contraction of piston rods of two double acting hydraulic cylinders. There are four guide pillars in spindle lifting system to ensure accuracy of up and down feed movement of cutting head. The down part of guide column is connected with main shaft box with saw blade to drive the lifting movement of saw blade. The longitudinal movement of beam of bridge saw machine is movement of beam along longitudinal guide rail, which plays role of dividing slab. The longitudinal motion system is powered by motor, and longitudinal feeding mechanism also chooses not to enter motor. Since there is no cutting force in longitudinal direction of bridge saw machine, the driving force needed is mainly used to overcome friction between all the weight on the beam and the four guide rails, which is less than the cutting force of the infeed mechanism.

14. Working principle of regular design bridge saw machine

Main function of the carriage's traverse movement along crossbeam is to cut slab, and its movement accuracy directly affects the cutting quality. The infeed system is powered by step motor, and the step motor is selected for the infeed mechanism. When the slab thickness is 20 mm, the feed speed is 1-3 M / min; when the cutting thickness changes, the feed speed is adjusted accordingly. At the same time, the feed speed of bridge saw machine is also adjusted according to the stone hardness. Any change of feed speed is controlled by pulse number of the step motor controlled by PLC, so it can meet the needs of different thickness and different brands of slab cutting. Bridge saw machine improves slab cutting quality gradually until it reaches quality requirements of finished products in varies of working conditions. In cutting process, in order to improve cutting efficiency, bridge saw machine manufacturers select raw materials strictly, increase the automation technology and the safety problems of operators are fundamentally improved.

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