Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

bridge saw machine can chamfering for 45 degree and table can turning for 360 degree. It is an excellent and multi-function machine which can meet different stone cutting requirement.

Introduce of bridge saw machine ZRXZ

Two-dimensional stone plate with a certain shape is one of the widely used building materials. The infrared automatic bridge cutter is an ideal equipment for cutting and processing this kind of stone products. Before cutting, we will set the blade with infrared laser light. After setting the operating parameters, the cutting process is automatic and programmed. The 45° tilting bridge saw machine is developed base on the normal bridge cutter, head of this advanced machine can rotate 45 degree around the X axis.

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine-ZRXZ

Features of bridge saw machine ZRXZ

  • This bridge saw machine adopts PLC frequency conversion control system to input operation parameters (including cutting size, moving speed, etc.) through human-computer interface, and the cutting process is automated and programmed.
  • Confirm the stone workpiece position with infrared laser light, making the machining more accurate and efficient
  • This bridge saw machine adopts mono-block design which is suitable to install machine foundation on varies of ground properties. Table of this machine can rotation 0-360 degree in horizontal and can stop at any degree, and can move up for 85 degree in vertical.
  • Maximum blade for this bridge saw machine is 625mm with MAX 200mm cutting thickness.
  • Max cutting size is about 3200×2000×200mm
  • Head lifting of this bridge saw machine adopts motor reducer screw drive, double circular rail guide post structure.
  • The machine blade can tilting 45 degree to do a mitre cutting.
  • We Use encoder or magnetic gate to detect the length of slice.

Structure of bridge saw machine ZRXZ

  1. Bridge integrated structure, a beam is located on the left and right two longitudinal rails, supporting an integrated workbench.
  2. The traverse travel mechanism of the frame assembly can move left and right on the oil immersed guide rail of the crossbeam (x axis)
  3. The electric spindle is installed on the double guide pillars at the front end of the ring guide rail box. The whole bridge saw machine head is driven to move up and down by the motor screw assembly. The upper end of the cutting motor is equipped with a rotating mechanism around the cross beam. Through the hydraulic system, the cutting blade rest is rotated (tilted) by 0 ~ 45 ° to achieve the chamfering cutting of the stone.

Details of Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine 45 degree Tilting

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine Details

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ Details-1

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ Details-2

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ Details-3

Bridge Saw Machine ZRXZ

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Bridge Saw Machine Specifications

Max.working dimensions(LxWxH)mm3200 x 3200 x 170
Max.diameter of blademm625
Table diamensions(LxM)mm3200x2000
Table tilting degree0-85
Table rotating degree360
Head tilting degree0-45
Main motor powerkw15
Overall dimensions(LxWxH)mm6000 x 5000 x 2600

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