Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

This chain saw quarry cutting machine is designed with rail type. The machine is cutting according the rail way on marble quarry. Chain Saw Machine can do cutting by both vertical and horizontal on quarry. Below are some photos to show how chain saw stone quarry cutting machine working.

Define of marble Chain arm saw machine

Chain arm saw machine is also called chain saw machine, chain arm saw cutting machine and band saw. It is a kind of stone cutting machine designed to achieve continuous cutting of stone by the rotation of diamond hot pressing joint block, diamond composite sheet or cemented carbide head embedded in the chain. It is suitable for cutting marble and limestone with medium hardness in the face stone mining. The combination of chain arm saw and diamond wire saw machine will play a good role in marble mining. In the actual stone mining, the main function of the chain arm saw is to cut the block material from the ore body in the marble mining, and divide the large block into the standard one. There are three types of marble chain arm saw machine: rail type chain arm saw machine, craw type chain saw machine, underground type chain saw cutting machine.

Features of chain saw mining machine

  • It is mainly suitable for mining medium hardness, most of which is used in the open-pit marble block mining; in countries with developed stone mining, it is also used in cave mining, such as Italy, Spain, etc.
  • Due to different mining forms, it can be divided into two types: rail way type, craw type and underground fixed type.
  • The cutting tools on the chain arm saw can be replaced.
  • The cutting made by marble chain saw arm machine is flat, smooth and regular, and the cut surface does not need to be trimmed again, so it can become one surface of standard block material.
  • Generally, the forging cutting speed of the chain arm saw is lower than that of the diamond wire saw cutting machine, and its arm length cannot be very long due to the limitation of the mechanical structure itself, so the cutting depth of the chain arm saw machine can not be very long, and now the longest is about 4m.
  • Because the chain arm saw is a continuous cutting machine, the impact vibration in operation is small, the sawing stone is stable, the sawing seam is generally about 4cm, and the loss of raw materials is greater than that of diamond wire saw machine and other mining methods.
  • According to the working conditions of chain arm saw machine, there are two types of wet cutting methods (adding water, cooling the cutter head and removing stone powder) and dry cutting (not adding water, but cooling the cutter head by the air / oil cooling system configured by the machine itself), which need a good water supply system.
  • It can be used for vertical cutting and horizontal cutting, or it can be erected on the working surface with gradient less than 25 ° for vertical and horizontal cutting.
  • Single machine operation does not need to cut the trench first, but because it needs to walk on the guide rail, the auxiliary work in advance is large, and it needs to have a better mining platform environment and flat site for the laying and walking of the chain arm saw, which is not flexible when used.
  • It can be used in combination with diamond rope saw machine to cut out large pieces of stone materials.
  • The vertical cutting range is larger than the horizontal cutting range
  • The combined guide rail can extend the cutting distance infinitely.
  • Compared with diamond string wire saw, it does not need to drill, so it can reduce the process of breaking rope and connecting rope.
  • Low cutting cost, one person can operate.

Details of Chain Saw Cutting Machine

Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

Chain Saw Cutting Machine For Quarry

Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

Quarry Chain Saw Cutting Machine

Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

Stone Chain Saw Cutting Machine for Quarry

Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

Chain Saw Quarry Cutting Machine

Specifications of Chain Arm Saw Machine

ModelsCutting DeepWidth of Cutting GapCutting SpeedMoving SpeedPowerWeightDimension
20002000mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h30kw5200 kg3200X1800X1400mm
25002500mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h40kw5400 kg3200X1800X1400mm
30003000mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h53kw6500 kg3200X2000X1500mm
32003200mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h53kw6600 kg3200X2000X1500mm
35003500mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h53kw6700 kg3200X2000X1500mm
40004000mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h53kw6900 kg3200X2000X1500mm
50005000mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h65kw9500 kg4000X2100X1700mm
60006000mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h65kw9900 kg4000X2100X1700mm
75007500mm40mm0~4m/h30m/h65kw10500 kg4000X2100X1700mm

Chain Saw Machine Working Video

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