Large Size Big Diamond Circular Saw Blade

Stone block cutting refers to the stone material with certain shape and specification mined from quarry, which is processed into slab by using different cutting blades. We normally using large size big diamond circular saw blade or band saw blade to cut stone block into slab. The large size big diamond circular saw blade is suitable for cutting both marble and granite, while band saw blade is only suitable for cutting marble blocks. Generally, large size big diameter saw blade is used for sawing of block materials, and diameter of the saw blade is 1600-4500mm, which is suitable for different materials and processing equipment. Diamond saw blade can be divided into single blade cutting and multi-blade cutting according to the number of saw blades. The diameter of the saw blades used for multiple blades can be the same or different. According to the sawing mode, it can be divided into single direction sawing and double direction sawing. Two direction sawing is to complete vertical and horizontal sawing at the same time.


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