Stone Block Air Pushing Bag

Introduction of Block Air Pushing Bag

Stone Block Air pushing bag is a special bag used for quarry exploitation, it’s a very important equipment for stone mining. The bags are very light and thin, very easy to carry it on quarry. It is also easy to using the air pushing bags. First we need to cut a small gap on the quarry with wire saw machine or quarry chain saw machine. And then we can insert the bags into the small gap, since the air pushing bag is very thin,a small size of gap space would be enough for insert the bags. After we put air pushing bags into the gap, we can add air into the bag just like a hit inflator. The block would be pushed more and more when the air pushing bags are getting more and more full. Finally the blocks will pushed down by these bags quickly. The air pushing bags are reliable and safety for people, one control panel match four pieces of air bags and some special connectors. After the blocks pushed down, we can easily and quickly to release the air within 2-8 minutes.

Air pushing bag, also known as air bag, push air bag and pneumatic expansion bag, is a kind of air bag similar to oxygen bag, which is made of vulcanized rubber or high-strength material coated with PVC on both sides and welded by high-frequency induction welding machine. The utility model is used for jacking the separated rectangular vertical stone blocks in the high platform stone mining, and for toppling the stone with the hydraulic jack and other equipment. Then it is convenient for decomposition or displacement operation, and its effect is similar to that of water pressure bag. It is different from the water pressure bag by gas expansion. The water pushing bag can use for only one time while the air pushing bag can use for many times. So the cost of each use of the air pressure bag is much lower than the water bag.

Feature of air block pushing bag

It can be used with one or several air bags or stacked together to increase the distance of jacking and overturn the stone blocks. Group automatic control switch can control several air pushing bags to work at the same time, and use different inflation size to control the operation difficulty. It can be used repeatedly for easy preservation. After damage, it can be repaired by hot patching method or high-strength resin. The safety rope is perforated on the air bag.

This air push bag is suitable for working on the quarry mining with big size block materials on bench type vertical mining quarry. But if the dimension of block material is in small size and or less than 3m3, it is generally not suitable for air bag, because it is unnecessary to dump the block materials for a small block.

The development of the air bag was not originally for mining stone, but for the use of tools in railway accidents to save people life. In recent years, Italian companies have developed a special air bag for stone separation, whose volume is smaller than that used for railway lifesaving, and one controller can be used to control many pieces of air pushing bags. In recent years, Italy’s becati company and Marini mining equipment company have launched a group of 4 air bag devices, which can be controlled on one controller.

The single area of the air bag is smaller than that of the water bag, and the pushing distance is smaller than that of the water bag.

Use of air block pushing bag

The air bag is more suitable for mechanized stone mining in modern mines, whether it is marble, limestone, sandstone, granite mine, diamond wire saw, row drilling and detonating cord, chain arm saw machine, disc saw, expansion agent splitting and flame cutting are still suitable to use. No matter whether the separation joint is flat or not, the air bag can be used for pushing and separating and at least 300 mm above can be formed the opening is convenient for putting the piston head of the hydraulic stone crusher or dragging the stone with other equipme

① Use a long stick or air blow to clean up the separated saw joints, cracks and grooves, so as to make them effective ruler in the air pressure bag of the cutter. It is unblocked within inch.

② In order to prevent the rough stone surface in the SAW seam from breaking the air bag, two pieces of 2-4mm thick should be padded in the rough SAW seam The steel plate or copper plate shall be L-shaped so that the small side can be hung on the horizontal surface of the stone,

Drill holes on the small side of the steel (copper) plate, fasten them with nylon rope, and connect them to the anchor bolt on one side of the ore body to avoid the steel behind the stone being jacked (copper) the board fell into the saw joint. If the rubber plate is used, it is better to make a small edge with a corner for hanging on the SAW seam. Whether or not The area of steel (copper) plate or rubber plate shall be larger than that of air bag; the steel (copper) plate and rubber plate shall be interchangeable.

③ Connect the air pressure package between two steel (copper, rubber) plates, connect the air inlet pipeline, and check whether the safety rope is fastened

④ The loose sand and stone shall be piled up in advance or the stone jacking machine shall be prepared before the stone to be overturned.

⑤ When the air inlet switch is turned on, the stone can separate the ore body. Sometimes, two or even four air bags can be used to separate a stone. If the pushing distance of one air bag is too small, two or three can be used in combination to reach the distance required for putting the stone machine. The air bag shall be fastened with safety rope to avoid falling into the crack after the stone opening.

⑥ When the distance between the hydraulic jack and the man can be reached, the piston head of the man Jack shall be placed with the safety rope in time, and the man gravel shall be placed in the stone joint of the cracked opening to avoid the stone resetting.

Details of Block Air Pushing Bag

Stone Block Air Pushing Bag

Stone Quarry Air Pushing Bags

Stone Block Air Pushing Bag


Stone Block Air Pushing Bag

Stone Block Air Pushing Bags Working

Block Air Pushing Bags Specifications

SpecificationPushing capacity
50×50 cm15tons
100×50 cm25tons
100×100 cm50tons
100×150 cm75tons
100×200 cm100tons
150×150 cm115tons

Block Air Pushing Bag Working Video