Stone Block Air Pushing Bag

Stone Block Air pushing bag is a special bag used for quarry exploitation. The bags are very light and thin, very easy to carry it on quarry. It is also easy to using the air pushing bags. First we need to cut a small gap on the quarry with wire saw machine or quarry chain saw machine. And then we can insert the bags into the small gap, since the air pushing bag is very thin,a small size of gap space would be enough for insert the bags. After we put air pushing bags into the gap, we can add air into the bag just like a hit inflator. The block would be pushed more and more when the air pushing bags are getting more and more full. Finally the blocks will pushed down by these bags quickly. The air pushing bags are reliable and safety for people, one control panel match four pieces of air bags and some special connectors. After the blocks pushed down, we can easily and quickly to release the air within 2-8 minutes.


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