Stone Polishing Machine

Stone Polishing Machine

Introduction of stone polishing machine

Stone polishing machine is a kind of machine that make grinding and polishing on stone surface. The polishing processing can be divided to six steps: calibrating, rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, finish grinding and polishing. The slab material is rough surface after it’s cut off from the block material, So stone Calibrating would be the first step on stone surface. There are two purposes of stone grinding and polishing, one is to obtain the flatness and glossiness surface, the other is to fully reveal the internal color, pattern and luster of stone through surface processing. That’s why we need to grinding and polishing the stone surface.. Grinding and polishing is a very important step on stone processing industry. The glossiness of stone surface is subject to the quality of grinding and polishing. We will not only polishing the stone surface but also polishing the edge and side surface, even we will grinding some spacial shape stone materials. Stone grinding and polishing surface processing generally has to go through five steps: rough grinding, medium grinding, fine grinding, finish grinding and polishing. The rough grinding and medium grinding processes remove the residual rough groove marks on the stone surface after sawing to ensure the thickness and flatness of the slab. The fine grinding and finish grinding processes remove the scratches left by the rough grinding process, and polishing process polishes the stone surface to achieve the required flatness and glossiness. Similar with stone cutting machine, the factors that affect quality of stone grinding and polishing are mineral composition, structural structure, grinding and polishing tools, equipment and technology.

Stone Polishing Machine

List of common machines for stone polishing

Stone Polishing machine is a kind of equipment which is widely used in stone processing industry, and there are many types of polishing machine. According to the movement form of slab, it can be divided into moving slab machine and fixed slab machine. The moving slab polishing machine is mainly called automatic continuous stone polishing machine, the slab is placed on the conveyor belt, and the feeding motion is carried out by the conveyor belt. The fixed slab polishing machine is something like bridge type polishing machine, slab on the machine is fixed and the grinding polishing heads are moving. We have single head polishing machine and multi heads polishing machine if we sort by quantity of polishing head. There are manual stone polishing machine and bridge type polishing machine on single head polishing machine and for multi heads polishing machine we have double head bridge type polisher. We can also sort the machine by automation, they are manual hand polishing machine and automatic polishing machine. The hand polishing machine mainly refers to manual polishing machine and other simple polisher machine. Automatic polishing machine is a kind of automatic continues polisher machine which are suitable for grinding and polishing marble granite and other stone materials. According to the abrasive composition of grinding head, the polishing machine can be divided into calibration machine and general polishing machine. The stone calibration machine mainly grinds the surface with high surface roughness. The diamond abrasive of this machine is used for the grinding head with large grinding amount, while the silicon carbide and corundum abrasive are mainly used for the grinding head of the general polishing machine. The consumption amount is also much less than that of the calibrating machine. According to the polishing method, the machine can be divided into plane surface polishing machine and side polishing machine, and the side machine is mainly the edge grinding polishing machine. In addition, according to the processing plane or arc surface polishing, it can also be divided into plane slab polishing and special-shaped polishing. The special-shaped polishing is mainly used for special-shaped processing, most of which belong to numerical control equipment.

Automatic Stone Polishing Machine
Automatic Stone Polishing Machine

Manual Stone Polishing Machine

Define of manual polishing machine

It’s a kind of traditional machine for grinding and polishing stone surface. Manual polishing machine is used to grinding and polishing slab flat on marble and granite. When using this machine, we need to replace the grinding and polishing heads with various kinds of different grind. The manual polishing machine is normally apply on the polishing of rail stone, monument stone etc.

Stone Manual Polishing Machine
Stone Manual Polishing Machine

Features of manual stone polishing machine

Manual stone polishing machine is simple in structure, low cost and easy maintenance. It has been widely used in many stone factories. Compared with other automatic stone polishing machine, the manual stone polisher machine has poor polishing quality, low working efficiency and high labor intensity.

Classification of stone manual polishing machine

There are two types of manual polishing machine according to lifting of the polishing head, one is manual lifting head polishing machine another one is pneumatic manual polishing machine. The downward of polishing head on manual lifting polishing machine is control by hand-held to grinding and polishing slab material, the polishing accuracy and surface quality is difficult to control. The pneumatic machine has a better polishing efficiency, cylinder of this pneumatic machine pushes the grinding head to exert grinding pressure on the slab, and the cylinder automatically adjusts the grinding pressure to reduce the impact and vibration on the slab.

Working principle of manual stone polishing machine

The basic working principle of the manual stone polishing is that the main motor drives the main shaft to rotate and the main shaft drives the polishing plate to rotate. The handle can make the grinding plate move along the stone surface and move up and down within a certain range. The pressure device can generate a certain grinding pressure on the stone surface and complete the grinding movement of the stone surface. The polishing pressure is mainly determined by the hardness of the processed stone. The higher the stone hardness is, the higher the pressure is. Polishing range of the manual polishing machine is determined by the length of the front and rear swing arms. Different types of equipment are mainly different in the specification of Machinable stone, the lifting stroke of rocker arm, the diameter and rotation speed of grinding disc, etc.

Structure of manual stone polishing machine

Structure of manual stone polishing machine
Structure of manual stone polishing machine
  1. Polishing head
  2. Main Spindle
  3. Handle
  4. Main motor
  5. Front arm part
  6. Back arm part
  7. Lifting motor
  8. Machine main body

Processing technology of manual stone polishing machine

Rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing of large numbers of flats can be completed simultaneously on manual stone polishing machine. The processing technology of manual polishing machine is as follows.

  1. Rough grinding. The main purpose of rough grinding is to solve the flatness and thickness of the flat. The technological operation requirements are: before starting the machine, the flatness of the two sides surface shall be checked with a flat ruler, and the smoother surface of the side shall be determined as working side. Grind the smoother side first, then grinding bottom surface, and then check the thickness based on the bottom surface.
  2. Fine grinding and finish grinding mainly include grinding with No. 2, No. 3 and No. 4 grinding tools step by step. The scratches left by the previous grinding must be removed by next processing step. Through fine grinding, the coarse and shallow grinding lines on the surface of the rough grinding flat can be removed. Each grinding tool needs to work for 5-8mm. The No. 5 and No. 6 grinding head are used for finish grinding. Each grinding head needs to be working about 5mm thickness, and the glossiness is more than 50, which can be transferred to the next process for polishing.
  3. Polishing is to maximal show the inherent pattern, color and glossiness of stone materials and meet the customers requirements. The basic principle to select polishing head is to select white color polishing block for lighter color stone and black color polishing block for darker color stone. When polishing, too much water should not be used. When the size of grinding and polishing stone plate is smaller than the diameter of grinding plate, it is difficult to process. At this time, it is suitable to use the process of grinding before cutting, that is, to finish the grinding and polishing of large-size stone plate first, and then cut it into small pieces according to the actual needs. There is no need to supply too much water when polishing. When the slab size is bigger than machine max polishing size, we can polish slab first and then cut later, that means we can finish polishing big size slab and then we cut these polished slabs into smaller size.

Specifications parameters of manual stone polishing machine

Item NameUnitValue
Lifting Range of Main Enginemm700
Lifting Range of Polishing of the Polishing Wheelmm100
Back-turning Radius of Polishingmm1700
Power Of Main MotorKW4.5/5.5
Power of Lifting MotorKW0.75
Size of the Machinemm3200*660*1830
Weight of the MachineKg850

Bridge Type Polishing Machine

Define and classifications of bridge type polishing machine

Bridge type polishing machine is mainly used for precision grinding and polishing of marble and granite slabs with different thickness, it can also used for grinding and polishing of granite bricks, rectangular columns and tombstones. Table on bridge type polishing machine is fixed and the polishing head makes grinding and feeding. According to the number of polishing heads, the bridge polisher machine can be divided into single head bridge polishing machine and double head bridge type polishing machine. Two heads bridge type polishing machine can greatly improve the processing efficiency.


Bridge Type Stone Polishing Machine
Bridge Type Stone Polishing Machine

Working Principle of bridge polishing machine

Bridge polishing machine is equipped with sliding guide rail and automatic loading and unloading device, so more slabs can be processed in one time. The bridge type grinding polishing machine is used to grind and polish the stone slabs, which is driven by the grinding head with special grinding tools. The main motor makes the grinding head rotate, and the grinding head can move laterally along the crossbeam. The polishing head exerts pressure on the processed slab through the lifting system, and the slab can move longitudinally by sliding on the track. The grinding tool makes regular lateral movement and rotation on the surface of the slab, and grinds and polishes the stone. It can process several stone slabs in turn, such as rough grinding, fine grinding and polishing. The grinding disc diameter of the mill is generally 250-450mm, and each grinding head can be equipped with 4-6 grinding blocks, which needs to be replaced. Each process uses different grinding heads according to the processing of different stones. At least 8 pieces different size of polishing heads are used to grind and polish the stone from coarse to fine. Among them, No. 1-7 grinding head is cooled with water for grinding, No. 8 grinding head is polished with high speed, and the grinding head is made of felt and polishing powder. The pressure of the grinding head on the plate is controlled and adjusted by the cylinder to meet the different pressure requirements of each process, and the cooling water volume is adjusted by the valve.

Details of bridge type stone polishing machine
Details of bridge type stone polishing machine

Specifications of bridge type stone polishing machine

Main motor powerh(KW)151515
R.P.M of polishing head(r/min)560560560
Traverse feeding speed of polishing head(mm/ min)0-56000-56000-5600
Lengthways feeding speed of polishing head(mm/ min)0-43000-43000-4300
Supplied by user(Mpa)0.35-0.50.35-0.50.35-0.5
Water consumption(m³/h)444
Overall dimensions(mm)9600×3200×230011600×3200×230012600×3200×2300
Required air source(m3/min)0.15-0.300.15-0.300.15-0.30
Max. polishing size(LxWxH)(mm)6500x2200x20006500x2500x20006500x3100x2000

Automatic Stone Polishing Machine

Automatic stone polishing machine is used for grinding and polishing of stone flat slabs. It can continuously carry out flat, coarse grinding, fine grinding, finish grinding and polishing processing. Its basic structure is mainly divided into three parts: grinding head spindle system, crossbeam motion system and continuous table. The main shaft is placed on the beam, which is made of structural steel by welding. The worktable is made of section steel as a whole structure. The surface steel plate needs to be processed, and a conveyor belt with high wear resistance is installed on the workbench. Below is a picture to show working diagram of multi heads automatic stone polishing machine.

Stone Polishing Machine

Movement of polishing head relative to stone slabs includes four movements: longitudinal (driven by conveyor belt), transverse (completed by transverse swing of grinding beam bearing grinding head), rotation ( grinding head motor drives the spindle rotation) and swing ( planetary gear train mechanism makes grinding head swing left and right). The swinging polishing head increases grinding force, accelerates discharge of polishing debris, and is easy to play role of water cooling. The grinding head adopts planetary grinding head. Contact between polishing block and stone is line contact on circumference of edge on the planetary polishing head, which can reduce contact working pressure on surface of stone slab, and at the same time, it can guarantee strong polishing of slab by grinding block and avoid crushing of slab material. The grinding and polishing quality of continuous polishing machine is stable. This automatic continuous stone polishing machine has formed a series of products, specifications of stone products processed are becoming larger and larger, and it is developing towards requirements of large width, high precision, high efficiency, energy saving control and high automation.

Specifications of automatic stone polishing machine

NO. of headsPC1216
Max working widthmm600-1200600-2000
Working thicknessmm15-5015-50
Belt advancement speedmm/min0-25000-2500
Spindle motor powerkw7.511
Total powerkw103.5170
Water cunsumption㎡/h2025
Overall demensions(L×W×H)mm8000×2500×250011400×3000×2500

Stone edge grinding chamfering machine

Stone edge grinding chamfering machine is mainly used to polish and chamfering edge surface of the slab on marble and granite, which is mainly composed of two parts: first part is chamfering and edge grinding part, and second part is polishing part. According to number of grinding polishing heads and continuity of processing, it can be divided into single head machine and continuous edge grinding chamfering machine. A single head edge polishing machine can not only grind end face of stone, but also process all kinds of facets, which has a multi-purpose function. Automatic continuous edge grinding and chamfering machine is applied to the last process of standard plate production line. It can grind and chamfering the four sides of stone slab with high automation and production efficiency. In addition, continuous edge grinding polishing and chamfering machine is divided into marble edge grinding and chamfering machine and granite edge grinding and chamfering machine according to different stone materials. Continuous automatic edge grinding and chamfering machine has accurate running speed and high machining accuracy, and low rejection rate.

Automatic Stone Straight Line Edge Polishing Machine
Automatic Stone Straight Line Edge Polishing Machine

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