Gang Saw Machine

Gang Saw Machine is a multi blades cutting machine for marble blocks.Designed with high cutting speed. A marble gang saw machine is mainly composed of saw frame, chain link, column frame, gang saw blade and other components. Its working principle is the saw blade mounted on saw frame moves back and forth with saw frame driven by connecting rod, and at the same time, it continuously moves downward through lifting transmission mechanism, to realize the sawing of marble materials. The earliest frame saw is called hacksaw because it uses steel bars and sand as saw blade. Nowadays, the development trend of marble gang saw machine is automation and large-scale. For example, at present, a marble gang saw machine can but 120 pieces of marble slabs at a time, and saw blade travel is 80cm.

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Gang Saw Machine is a multi blades cutting machine for marble blocks. Designed with high cutting speed.

Introduce of marble gang saw machine

A marble gang saw machine is mainly composed of saw frame, chain link, column frame, gang saw blade and other components. Its working principle is the saw blade mounted on saw frame moves back and forth with saw frame driven by connecting rod, and at the same time, it continuously moves downward through lifting transmission mechanism, to realize the sawing of marble materials. The earliest frame saw is called hacksaw because it uses steel bars and sand as saw blade. Nowadays, the development trend of marble gang saw machine is automation and large-scale. For example, at present, a marble gang saw machine can but 120 pieces of marble slabs at a time, and saw blade travel is 80cm. In addition, the sawing blade can be adjusted automatically within a certain range, and stroke of connecting rod can be compensated automatically without stopping.

In the stone machine industry, the gang saw machine stands as a true marvel, revolutionizing the cutting process of various materials. This powerful and efficient machine has become a cornerstone in the production of large stone slabs, offering unparalleled precision, speed, and cost-effectiveness. In this article, we will delve into the features, types, and materials that can be cut using a gang saw machine, with a particular focus on the applications in marble, granite, and quartz cutting.

The gang saw machine is a specialized piece of equipment designed for cutting large blocks of stone into thin slabs. It comprises a set of parallel, reciprocating blades, typically ranging from 60 to 120 in number, which move back and forth in unison. This synchronized motion allows for simultaneous cutting of multiple slabs from a single block, maximizing efficiency and reducing waste.

Gang Saw Machine Factory
Gang Saw Machine Factory

Features of marble gang saw machine

MosCut Brand gang saw machine is designed base on latest applications of marble cutting machine. MosCut marble gang saw machine uses long stroke to cut marble blocks. The long saw frame stroke provides unprecedented cutting output in the process of saw blade cutting and ensures stability of cutting. Marble Gang saw machine is applied in stone factory for cutting different size of marble blocks, this machine can cut marble blocks into different thickness. We have marble gang saw machine with different quantity of saw blade such as 80 pieces, 90 pieces, 100 pieces of marble saw blade etc. Marble gang saw machine is an ideal equipment for mass production of marble slabs cutting. Compare with other block cutting machine, MosCut Marble gang saw machine is working more stable and higher cutting efficiency. It can cut about 200-300 square meters of marble slabs per day base on 8 hours working time, this output maybe changed because of stone material hardness and quantity of sawing blade. Our marble gang saw machine adopts double link hyperbolic shaft which is similar with Italian traditional linear guiding mechanism of rocker hinge. It has low requirements for working environment and workers’ skill, and is suitable and easy for applied on almost all stone factories from all over the world. Our marble gang saw machine adopts a energy-saving motor, equipped with hydraulic coupling, to ensure low load and high efficiency. We also use high quality of flywheel to improve cutting stability. High efficiency PLC control system ensures the motor works under constant power. Lifting speed of marble block can be adjusted automatically according to different hardness stone materials. Thanks to unique mechanical design and electrical design, energy consumption of our marble gang saw machine is very low and competitive compare with other gang saw machine manufacturer.

The gang saw machine boasts several key features that contribute to its exceptional performance:

  • High Productivity: Gang saw machines can cut multiple slabs at once, dramatically increasing production rates compared to other cutting methods.
  • Precision Cutting: The synchronized movement of the blades ensures consistent thickness throughout the slabs, resulting in uniformity and high-quality finishes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: By utilizing the full potential of the stone block and reducing waste, the gang saw machine optimizes resource utilization, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Easy Maintenance: Gang saw machines are built with robust construction, minimizing downtime and ensuring reliable operation. Regular maintenance and blade replacement are necessary to maintain optimal performance.
Gang Saw Machine Manufacturer
Gang Saw Machine Manufacturer

Classification of marble gang saw machine

There are many kinds of processing methods and equipment involved in marble block cutting. At present, marble gang saw machine is the regular and popular equipment for marble cutting. We can sort gang saw machine according to machine structure and saw blade quantity. Transmission marble gang saw machine: block material is fixed and the frame part is moving in horizontal and going down in vertical to cut block material. Another type of transmission marble gang saw machine is the frame part keep moving in horizontal but it doesn’t moving down. Block material going up to make the stone cutting. On vertical press marble gang saw machine, the block material is moving in horizontal and saw frame is moving in vertical way. There are also gang saw machine with frame fixed reciprocating linear motion, saw blade moving up and down along the frame column, block material fixed. In the early time, a kind of cutting feed motion mode with saw frame and driving force system rising and falling at the same time was applied on marble gang saw machine. Because of it’s complexity of mechanism and other problems, the gang saw with this structure has been eliminated. We can also sort block gang saw machine by quantity of saw blade. A small size gang saw machine is equip with less than 10 pieces of saw blade and medium machine is installed with 10-40 pieces of gang saw blade. Gang saw machine with more than 40 pieces of blade is called big size machine. There are two main types of gang saw machines:

  • Traditional Gang Saw:

    This type features an open frame design, where the blades are vertically positioned and move in a straight line. Traditional gang saw machines are suitable for cutting soft to medium-hard stones, such as marble.

  • Multi-Blade Gang Saw:

    In contrast to the traditional design, multi-blade gang saw machines have a closed frame and employ multiple blades mounted on a single block holder. This type is capable of cutting harder stones like granite and quartz due to the increased cutting force and stability.

Gang Saw Machine Sideview-1
Gang Saw Machine Sideview-1

Structure and components of marble gang saw machine

Marble gang saw machine is generally composed of main force system, frame mechanism (including saw frame translation and hydraulic tension mechanism), sawing feed mechanism (platform lifting mechanism of), electric control system, cooling water spray mechanism, protection system and foundation, etc.

Driving force system is used to drive reciprocating linear motion of marble gang saw machine, including main motor, transmission system, main flywheel and main shaft supporting system, crank connecting rod mechanism and other components, which are all fixed on a special foundation. Power of main motor is related to blade quantity, type of blade, movement mode of saw blade, hardness and abrasion of the processed stone. Main motor power of small gang saw machine is generally 30 ~ 37KW, main motor power of medium machine is 55 ~ 75kW, and main motor power of big size marble gang saw machine with 80 saw blades is 110 ~ 132kw or more.

Materials a Gang Saw Machine Can Cut:

Marble Gang Saw Machine:

Marble gang saw machines excel in cutting large marble blocks into slabs of various thicknesses. With their precise and synchronized blade movement, these machines ensure uniformity in color and vein patterns, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the final products. Marble gang saw machines have become essential in the marble processing industry, enabling efficient production of countertops, flooring, wall claddings, and decorative pieces.

Granite Gang Saw Machine:

Granite gang saw machines are engineered to tackle the hardness and durability of granite, a popular choice in construction and interior design. Equipped with robust blades and sturdy construction, these machines can efficiently cut granite blocks into slabs, providing consistent thickness and smooth finishes. Granite slabs produced by gang saw machines find applications in kitchen countertops, exterior cladding, monuments, and more.

Quartz Gang Saw Machine:

Quartz gang saw machines are specifically designed to cut engineered quartz stones, known for their exceptional strength and durability. These machines handle the high density and hardness of quartz by employing specialized blades and enhanced cutting mechanisms. Quartz slabs produced by gang saw machines are widely used in kitchen and bathroom countertops, wall panels, and various commercial applications.

Gang Saw Machine Sideview-2
Gang Saw Machine Sideview-2

Flywheel of marble gang saw machine.

The performance of main flywheel determines the motion performance of marble gang saw machine, its diameter depends on moving method and quantity of saw blades. Generally, diameter of main flywheel of marble gang saw machine is 2.5 ~ 3.5 meter. Main flywheel is made of high-quality cast iron or two pieces of half round nodular cast iron, which is divided into two split semicircles. A good quality main flywheel should have good dynamic balance performance, to make its rotation angular velocity uniform. Generally, it is required that the non-uniformity of rotation mass shall not exceed 5%; sufficient moment of inertia can make  marble gang saw machine move stably, in this case the fluctuation of power supply current is small, and power consumption is small.

Gang Saw Machine Flywheel
Gang Saw Machine Flywheel

Main drive system

Power of main motor is transmitted to main flywheel through the main transmission system. Main motor and main flywheel are generally driven by primary or secondary belt, power is transmitted by flat belt and V-belt. In two-stage transmission structure, from main motor to intermediate transmission shaft, the V-belt transmission is generally used. The middle transmission shaft to main flywheel uses flat belt, and there are two-stage transmission structures that use triangle belt. In primary drive, both flat belt and triangle belt are used between main motor and main flywheel. If a hydraulic coupling is installed on main motor shaft of primary drive, it can make start of marble gang saw machine more stable and easy, reduce power loss, and overload protection. It also has structure of using hydraulic coupling in secondary transmission system.

Gang Saw Machine Sideview-3
Gang Saw Machine Sideview-3

Spindle and support system of marble gang saw machine

Main shaft is main body for installing main flywheel, crank, crank shaft, supporting bearing and other parts. There is a bearing seat on both sides of the main flywheel, which is equipped with a large diameter double row radial spherical roller bearing. The main shaft not only drives main flywheel with a weight of about 10t to rotate, but also bears alternating impact force from connecting rod. Therefore, gang saw machine main shaft is required to have sufficient strength, rigidity and fatigue resistance. Diameter of main shaft for some big size marble gang saw machine is 280mm and length is 2150mm. Main shaft is generally forged with alloy steel and machined after heat treatment. Bearing supports of main shaft are of different structures, which are convenient for maintenance and adjustment. The force borne by spindle assembly is transmitted to gang saw machine foundation through bearing pedestal. Bearing pedestal is generally made of high-strength cast iron. In order to improve its strength, some bearing pedestal also made of cast steel. The double row radial spherical roller bearings or adjustable roller bearings on the main shaft are lubricated by oil bath.

Gang Saw Machine Sideview-4
Gang Saw Machine Sideview-4

Crank connecting rod device on gang saw machine

Crank connecting rod mechanism includes crank, connecting rod, related connecting mechanism, etc. Twice the crank length is equal to reciprocating stroke of saw frame. At present, reciprocating stroke of saw frame is generally 800mm on most of marble gang saw machine, and the maximum is 1000mm. At present, most of gang saw machine manufacturers adopt double link structure to ensure movement accuracy of saw frame without any error, balance transmission of power, improve stress main flywheel and shorten total length of gang saw machine, but the structure of saw machine will become a bit complex. In a word, double link structure connecting gang saw machine is one of the most advanced design in the world. In the early days, most of gang saw machine used a single link structure which is not stable cutting method. In order to ensure stability of overall movement, double link drive system is also used in small and medium-sized marble gang saw machine. The connecting body of gang saw machine is section steel material, and the part which connected with crank shaft and saw frame is welded with steel castings, which is welded into an integral part by spot welding in pairs to ensure relative position accuracy of two connecting rods. In early time, the link part was made of wood and laminate material but nowadays all machine are use this material. Since diamond saw blade is used to cut stone, the length of connecting rod does not need to be adjusted in the process of sawing.

Gang Saw Machine Spare Parts
Gang Saw Machine Spare Parts

Saw frame of gang saw machine

The saw frame composed of saw frame, saw frame translation mechanism, saw blade, saw blade tension mechanism and other components is the basic component to support and install gang saw blade. The saw frame is generally composed of two longitudinal beams and a cross frame bolt at the front and back. The cross frame is welded from upper and lower steel plates, and side beams of rectangular or circular sections are connected with cross frame by bolts to form an integral rectangular frame; longitudinal beam made of cast iron is also used, and cross frame is of forged part structure. It is required gang saw machine has enough capacity and rigidity to bear hydraulic tension system, to ensure ability to install up to 100 saw blades.

Marble Gang Saw Machien Manufacturer
Marble Gang Saw Machien Manufacturer

Blade tension system on marble gang saw machine

Tension mechanism of saw blade is key mechanism on gang saw machine to keep saw blade in good working condition. At present, commonly used ways of blade tension are wedge tension, bolt tension and hydraulic tension. The hydraulic tension mechanism of gang saw machine consists of hydraulic pump station and tension mechanism, which are connected by hydraulic rubber tube. The utility model has advantages of uniform tension of all saw blades, automatic adjustment and supplement of tension force for each saw blade, uniform and consistent tension force from beginning to end during operation, reliable operation, smooth surface of processed plate, high flatness, reduced grinding cost and improved production efficiency. Blade tension system is a very important component on marble gang saw machine.

Marble Gang Saw Machien Manufacturer-2
Marble Gang Saw Machien Manufacturer-2

Reciprocating mechanism on gang saw machine

Working principle of translational gang saw machine is that, driven by connecting rod, saw frame and saw blade move back and forth in a straight line along sliding guide mechanism on sliding seat to cut block material. Diamond saw blade can only be suitable for reciprocating linear motion cutting, so it is also common cutting motion mode of modern gang saw machine. Moving mechanism of gang saw machine can be simplified as a pair of center crank slider mechanism in lifting feed type of raw material, and flywheel, crank, connecting rod and saw frame; in lifting feed type of saw frame, it can be simplified as an eccentric crank slider mechanism; slider bodies of two structures are saw frame. At present, gang saw machine saw frame linear motion guiding mechanism is divided into hydrostatic lubrication linear guiding mechanism, chain linear guiding mechanism, guide roller and other mechanisms.

Marble Gang Saw Machine Overview
Marble Gang Saw Machine Overview

Hydrostatic lubrication linear guide mechanism

Gang saw machine hydrostatic lubrication linear guide mechanism forms the oil film gap as sliding medium between cylindrical sliding sleeve fixed together with saw frame and sliding cylinder fixed on frame under action of high-pressure oil to realize high-speed reciprocating motion of saw frame. In process of movement, there is no contact between sliding cylinder and sliding sleeve in theory, so as to ensure structure has a long maintenance free service life on marble gang saw machine. Driven by a set of hydraulic system which is composed of pressure maintaining circuit, automatic pressure compensation, automatic control alarm and shutdown circuit, hydrostatic lubrication system can be ensured to work safely, reliably and long time working on marble gang saw machine. As far as motion principle of mechanical structure is concerned, hydrostatic lubrication linear guide mechanism is the most advanced linear guide mechanism with first-class technical level in the world, and it is a model combining most advanced mechanical structure with design of gang saw machine.

Marble Gang Saw Machine
Marble Gang Saw Machine

Hairpin chain linear guiding mechanism on gang saw machine

Kyauk chain linear guide mechanism is a plane three-bar linkage composed of three links, two fixed links and three moving links. Two vertical connecting rod shafts at both ends of mechanism are fixed on frame, and a rotating shaft is installed in center of middle horizontal connecting rod. The rotating shaft is fixed with gang saw frame, and bears support of reciprocating linear motion of saw frame. The mechanism keeps gang saw frame connected with central axis in horizontal straight-line motion path within its reciprocating motion stroke through accurate motion calculation of each link length. Whole movement of the mechanism is only low-speed rotary motion of kyauk chain shaft, and each chain checking shaft is supported by a bearing. Therefore, it can be regarded as non wear or low wear movement basically. It is not necessary to replace worn parts regularly compare with traditional sliding guide rail and roller mechanism gang saw machine. In addition of more than 70 blades gang saw machine, the chain type linear guide mechanism is also used for reciprocating linear motion guide mechanism of some small and medium-sized gang saw machine. For small size marble gang saw machine, central axis is used to fix and support reciprocating linear motion of frame.

Stone Gang Saw Machine
Stone Gang Saw Machine

Guide roller linear guide mechanism on marble gang saw machine

Rectangular guide roller mechanism is one of the most commonly used guide roller mechanisms on marble gang saw machine, which is composed of fixed guide bearing, positioning roller and other parts. The rectangular guide rail of the mechanism is fixed on the frame, and four limit rollers are installed in the four directions of the guide rail. The saw frame reciprocates and moves in a straight line under the support of rectangular guide rail through rollers. Adjust relative position of four rollers of each mechanism on gang saw machine, adjust clearance of friction motion pairs, adjust flatness of four guide rails, and compensate excessive clearance of motion pairs due to wear of guide rails or rollers. Rectangular guide roller mechanism is not only used for reciprocating linear motion support of saw frame on big size gang saw machine, but also for reciprocating linear motion support of small and medium-sized marble gang saw machine.

Gang Saw Machine Part 1
Gang Saw Machine Part 1

Other linear guiding mechanisms on marble gang saw machine

Circular guide roller type linear guide mechanism is actually a special case of rectangular guide roller type linear guide mechanism. The difference between them is that the section shape of supporting guide rail is changed from rectangle to cylinder, and its working principle and purpose are same. There are also gang saw machine with V-shaped guide rail and V-shaped vertical roller on one side and linear motion guide mechanism with flat guide rail and roller on the other side, which limit horizontal and vertical movement of saw frame through V-shaped guide rail and roller. Linear guide mechanism with rolling friction is characterized by small friction resistance between moving parts, low energy consumption, low support rigidity and easy wear of rolling pairs. A lower roller of rolling translation mechanism shall also be equipped with damping and clearance adjustment devices to ensure the original movement clearance can be restored after guide rail or roller is worn. There are many benefit of using translation mechanism of sliding mode on gang saw machine, moving parts are all sliding friction. Its characteristic is to improve movement rigidity and stability of saw frame, and to overcome defect of premature pitting damage of roller in the rolling translation mechanism. A special wear reducing composite material is inlaid between relative sliding parts of sliding translation mechanism to reduce friction resistance and facilitate replacement of worn parts. However, moving friction of sliding translation mechanism is large, energy consumption on marble gang saw machine would be large, and relative moving parts are easy to get heat.

Gang Saw Machine Part 2
Gang Saw Machine Part 2

Blade feeding methods of marble gang saw machine

Feeding of saw blade is related to motion mode of saw frame. According to current gang saw machine arrangement structure, feeding of saw blade can be divided into: feed used for lifting of block cart of modern double link large-scale saw arrangement and fixed reciprocating linear motion of saw frame. Traditional single link gang saw machine, feed mode of reciprocating straight-line movement of saw blade of saw frame band and lifting along column at the same time. Feeding mode of small and medium-sized gang saw machine is fixed, frame moves back and forth in a straight line, and machine saw frame rises and falls along the stand column of the frame.

Gang Saw Machine Working
Gang Saw Machine Working

Feed mechanism of lifting gang saw machine

This kind of gang saw machine is realized by lifting platform of block material truck. The feed mechanism of sawing includes lifting platform, lifting transmission mechanism and positioning mechanism of block material vehicle. It is characterized by good stability of gang saw blade moving back and forth at a fixed position, good dynamic characteristics of motion system composed of a crank connecting rod and a saw frame which is similar to or opposite to motion principle of crank slider mechanism, stable movement and no harmful vibration, which is conducive to ensuring size and shape accuracy of sawing plate, improving service life of diamond gang saw blade and mechanical service life of machine moving part. At present, block lifting gang saw machine ia a world-class technical level, which is mostly used in modern large-scale gang saw machine. The lifting platform is located between four columns, and its lifting limit and guidance are completed by a pair of diamond and plane guide rails fixed on the four columns. Compared with other single tooth V-type positioning mechanism, the multi tooth engagement method is used for positioning mechanism of material truck on lifting platform, which has advantages of stable and reliable positioning, and is used in gang saw machine with international advanced level produced by Italian simec and other companies. The lifting platform of large gang saw machine is lifted by trapezoidal screw rod assembly with diameter of 90mm and pitch of 12mm, so as to maintain rigidity and stability of whole lifting movement load of more than 40 ton. All mechanisms are protected by shields. The bevel gear transmission part installed on top of the column structure can prevent water, dust and stone chips from eroding and wearing them.

The gang saw machine has revolutionized the stone cutting industry, enabling efficient and precise processing of various materials. Whether it’s marble, granite, or quartz, these machines offer remarkable productivity, consistent quality, and cost-effectiveness. With their exceptional features and ability to cut through different stone types, gang saw machines continue to play a pivotal role in meeting the demands of the stone industry, providing high-quality slabs that adorn our homes and public spaces.

Considerations to buy stone gang saw machine

1. Operational Efficiency:

Gang saw machines are designed to optimize production efficiency. By cutting multiple slabs from a single block simultaneously, these machines significantly reduce the time required for cutting and processing. This increased efficiency translates into faster turnaround times, allowing manufacturers to meet tight deadlines and handle larger orders.

2. Scalability:

Gang saw machines offer excellent scalability, making them suitable for both small-scale operations and large-scale stone processing facilities. They can accommodate blocks of various sizes, allowing for flexibility in production. This versatility makes gang saw machines adaptable to different business requirements, whether it’s a boutique stone workshop or a large manufacturing facility.

3. Quality Control:

Precision cutting is a hallmark of gang saw machines. The synchronized movement of the blades ensures consistent thickness and smooth surfaces across multiple slabs, minimizing variations and imperfections. This level of quality control is essential for creating visually appealing stone products that meet the stringent standards of architects, designers, and end-users.

4. Waste Reduction:

Gang saw machines are known for their efficiency in material utilization. By optimizing the cutting process, these machines minimize wastage, leading to cost savings and environmental benefits. The ability to maximize the use of raw stone blocks contributes to sustainable practices within the stone industry.

5. Technological Advancements:

Over the years, gang saw machines have undergone technological advancements to improve their performance and user-friendliness. Advanced control systems, automated features, and computerized optimization algorithms have made these machines more efficient, precise, and easier to operate. These advancements enhance productivity and reduce the likelihood of errors, ensuring consistent output.

6. Safety Measures:

Gang saw machines prioritize operator safety with various safety features and mechanisms. Protective guards, emergency stop buttons, and advanced monitoring systems are integrated into the machines to mitigate potential risks and accidents. This focus on safety not only protects the operators but also contributes to a safe working environment overall.

7. Innovation and Customization:

Manufacturers of gang saw machines continually innovate to meet the evolving needs of the stone industry. Customization options are available, allowing businesses to tailor the machines to their specific requirements. This includes blade configurations, cutting speed adjustments, and additional features that enhance performance and productivity.

In summary, gang saw machines are instrumental in the stone industry, offering unparalleled operational efficiency, quality control, waste reduction, and scalability. Their technological advancements and focus on safety ensure optimal performance, while customization options cater to diverse business needs. As the stone industry continues to grow, gang saw machines will remain a cornerstone in the production of high-quality stone slabs, shaping the aesthetic landscapes of our built environment.

Gang Saw Machine Working 2
Gang Saw Machine Working 2
Marble Gang Saw Machine
Marble Gang Saw Machine

Gang Saw Machien Specifications

Power of main motorKW110
Power of lifting motorKW7.5
Power of cutting motorKW1.1
Cutting speedCm per hour5-40
Blade travelMm800
Tile RodsMm17
Slab thicknessMm>15
Blade size (L*W)Mm4400*180
Water consumption of each bladeL/min10
Blades quantityPc90-100
Machine dimension (L*W*H)MM12650*4492*5483
Machine weightTon58

Gang Saw Machine Working Video

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